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Freight Services

Professional Freight Hauling Services in Pulaski, TN

Take advantage of our freight hauling services in Pulaski, TN. Holbert Hauling L.L.C. ensures the timely delivery of your load with our freight transportation services. We provide hauling solutions to companies throughout the Southeast, including Texas.

Expedited Hotshot Hauling for Sizable Loads

Using a top-of-the-line dually pickup truck with a flatbed trailer, we transport loads to their destinations on time and at reasonable rates. Our specialty is expedited hotshot hauling services for loads up to 25,000 pounds. This can include RVs and other large items.

Request a Service

We will deliver your load at the specified time and location. The cost of our service is based on the size of the delivery. Contact us to discuss the items you need to be shipped, and to get a quote for the requested delivery.

Trailer for Freight Hauling Services, Pulaski, TN

What is Hotshot Hauling?

If you need to get a load to a destination but do not want to pay for traditional freight, then hotshot hauling is your answer. With our hotshot freight services, we use a pickup and trailer to efficiently move your goods to their destination at a more economical rate than with a traditional tractor-trailer. This makes us the perfect solution when you need a quick turn around on your delivery.

Understanding the Logistics of Freight

In addition to our hauling solutions, we also provide brokerage services to help make your transportation needs even more manageable. As a freight broker, we understand the complex requirements of moving goods and use the knowledge to help your company choose the right solution for your transportation and hauling needs. This helps to ensure that your products are delivered through fast, reliable, safe, and cost-effective methods.

Contact us to learn more about our freight services and let our team find the right solution to deliver your goods. We proudly serve Pulaski, TN, Texas, and the Southeastern United States.